"Dr. Perrah has gotten to the heart of the matter: the causative nature of our own thoughts. While teaching three grounding principles, she provides us with a story-filled, fascinating 'User's Guide for Living' - applicable to all stages of life, with plenty of insights for the courageous, authentic and purposeful living of life to the fullest."
                       —  Reverend Dr. James Turrell, CSL

"Her stories help us remember what it felt like to be a child. [From her life experience, she shows] us how an orphaned child overcame the wounds of abandonment, ADD, neglect and fearful abuse. ...Taken to Heart is about the power of story to change hearts, heal wounds, and inspire hope for family wholeness."                —  Richard Paul Evans

"...this book...is nothing short of life-changing. It reaches inside and touches that heart-place where the child you were and the parent you always want to be, feels heard ...understood."      —  Robert Allen

Taken to Heart offers the gift
of awareness that we are
always free to "choose again"
a healing story.

TTH cover
Anne At 5

Memoir / Family & Parenting / Education / Self-help / Spirituality

Essentially a memoir, Taken to Heart begins when the author is five years old, suddenly taken from an Iowa orphanage by strangers; the story spans her life's journey to the present time. Taken to Heart courageously addresses head-on a lifetime's range of topics: childhood challenges and parenting issues, marriage and divorce, living with ADD, birth, loss, and death (or near death -NDE), spirituality, fear, forgiveness -- and, ultimately, it is a story of healing.

We are born hard-wired for story-telling. This warm, wise book offers readers the freedom -- through the creative process of re-parenting ourselves -- to change their life stories for the better, while empowering their children to live their best-case scenarios. There are stories we tell ourselves about our past and stories we are already telling ourselves about our future. In each case, we are the storytellers, the meaning-makers.

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"In a time when our culture suffers from attitudes that spring from varying mindsets of victimhood, entitlement and bewilderment, Dr. Perrah is suggesting that an attitude adjustment is what's really called for. If you have ongoing challenges or issues in the areas of childhood (yours), children (anyone's), parenting, relationships, marriage, divorce, birth, loss, death (or near death!) fear, forgiveness or healing--just to name a few-she has been there, or dealt intimately with someone who has, and her book has insights to help see you through."

Thom Hartmann, best-selling author of The Edison Gene:
ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child
and The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

"Dr. Anne Perrah is a master storyteller . one who crafts the story in a way that connects to the whole of human experience. ' In Taken To Heart she weaves the art of storytelling with the art of true teaching. In so doing, she offers of gift of authentic learning, where readers discover within themselves what is most needed in their lives. Her "Three-principled Approach to Proactive Parenting" is not a list of do's and don'ts; rather, the understandings she offers help us perceive the meaning of childhood in a completely new way. Reading this book not only connects to the ways we encounter children, but its principles have application for all our human relationships. Childhood thus becomes a larger metaphor for humanity itself."

Dr. Sam Crowell, Professor of Education
Author, The Re-Enchantment of Learning

"Taken to Heart is a gentle and timely reminder of the importance of deep heartfelt listening in our relationships with children. Through poignant reflections on the challenging and frequently heart-rending journey through her own complex childhood, Dr. Perrah draws the reader into an awareness of how a deeper self-understanding can help us connect more authentically to the needs of our children. She reminds us that children are always instructing us, but that we may have difficulty hearing them because we have lost our own connection to the natural language of the heart and body and are ourselves in need of re-parenting. In order to develop the language of the heart necessary to raise emotionally healthy children she urges us to listen to the child within and re-vision our personal stories. We are reminded that parenting or care-taking is not something we do to a child but is in fact an unfolding sacred story in which child and adult mutually participate."

Hendrika de Vries, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Santa Barbara, California

"...with elegance and playfulness, Dr. Perrah teaches us that being a parent is more a process of learning than teaching, more modeling than mandating, more listening than lecture. Her concept of the parent as ...self-transforming... is powerful and profound. Dr. Maria Montessori spoke of the need for the 'spiritual preparation' of the adult so that we may truly see and serve the child. Dr. Perrah [brings] this self-actualizing perspective ...within the practical reach of every parent and teacher through the doors of imagination and metaphor."

Jonathan Wolff, Montessorian and Director of Learning for Life, author of
The Self-Awakened Child: Character Education for Children 3 – 9 Yrs

Take heart! This book was written with you in mind!

Readers may choose from a variety of practical, creative features such as:

* Unforgettable memoirs to feed your soul

* Empowering stories for child/adult w. ADD

* Guiding principles to focus your thinking

* Anecdotes and quotes to fill your heart

* Poignant poetry to inspire your spirit

* Stories that motivate positive change

* Annotated Book List to expand your vision

* Website access for ongoing coaching


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  There are stories
we tell ourselves about our past and stories
we are already telling ourselves about our future. In each case, we are the storytellers, the meaningmakers.

If you have a child,
or if you have ever been one,
this book was written for you.

Anne S. Perrah, Ph.D.

Advocate for the re-enchantment
of life, childhood and education through healing stories.

Dr. Perrah is President and Founder of Precious Child Enterprises. As a lifelong student, educator, parent, and author of healing stories for children, Dr. Perrah has learned to live successfully with ADD, earning four advanced degrees culminating in a Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Internationally known in the Montessori community, she owns and administrates a Montessori school in Southern California and, for over 45 years, has been a mentor for aspiring teachers, re-parenting consultant and master teacher to three generations of students.