Further Adventures in "The Land of PlaySpace"

This first of the PlaySpace Series, in "The Story Meadow," introduces children to "The Land of PlaySpace." We will discover together PlaySpace is actually an imaginal Archipelago, and that the Story Meadow and the Rose Garden of The Wise Old Lady are just the first Safe Haven, like a Base Camp for childhood imaginal exploration, just over the hills from the Children's Home Village. From the Story Meadow, over the Western hills, beyond the Deep Forest lies the Great Sea, and there are Story Islands in the Sea, just as magical as the Meadow, waiting to be explored. To the North there are tall Mountains with snow in season; to the South lies the Great Desert. And in and out and all about, there are many other habitats and natural features (like caves and such), all places that any lively, wondering, wandering, adventurous band of Children might want to explore, looking and listening for Stories.

Each time the Children come to visit the Story Meadow and the Wise Old Lady, they choose together another Story-making adventure in yet another part of the PlaySpace Archipelago. Imaginally, the four Directions, the four Seasons and the four Elements are each represented, and virtually all of Nature is available for the children's choosing. Magically, no matter where the children choose to go, and no matter how long they seem to stay, they are always back, safe and sound, in their Home Village, just in time for supper.